...Rejects Nwokohu reelection bid

The Council for the Registration of Freight forwarding Practice in Nigeria, CRFFN,  has appointed  Mrs. Chinyere Uromta, the Director of Regulations and Enforcement  and rejected the  re-election bid of the  Mr. Sam Nwakohu, outgoing Registrar of the Council, 

 Mrs. Chinyere Uromta, the Director of Regulations and Enforcement was appointed at the emergency meeting of the council today  at its Abuja liaison office as an acting Registrar.

The outgoing registrar, last year, submitted a letter to the council requesting to be considered for a second term s at the his position.

The Chairman of the Council, Alhaji Abubakar Tsanni set up an ad-hoc committee, headed by Efeanyi Isikaku, to look into the request of Nwakohu and submit its report in two weeks.

 following the completion of its assignment and submission of its report, the council, therefore, convened today, Thursday in Abuja to deliberate on the next line of action to be taken in respect of the committee’s recommendations.

” The AdHoc committee made important recommendations with reference to the provisions of Public Service Rules as well as the council’s Act.

“The committee however, recommended that in order to avoid a vacuum after the expiration of the Registrar’s tenure, the council shall start making arrangements for a handover of the Registrar’s office to the most senior management staff of the council.

The decision of the council to reject the reelection bid of the embattled Registrar was based on the recommendations of its ad hoc committee to look into the request of Nwakohu for a second term tenure.

According to the communique made available to the press,  "The council  recommended  that the committee on appointment, promotion and discipline to start making preparations for reappointment or appointment of substantive Registrar”  according to Muftahu Ya’u, the chairman Committee on Media and Publicity of the governing council,  

 “Finally, the Council’s Chairman soon after the adoption, approval, and ratification of the committee’s recommendations by members of the council directed the followings:
that arrangement for the Registrar’s handover to Mrs. Chinyere Uromta  Director, Regulations and Enforcement on 31st of January 2023.

“That committee on Appointment Promotion and Discipline go ahead to start preparations for reappointment/appointment of a new Registrar” the head of media and publicity of the council concluded.

It could be recalled that soon after Nwakohu made his ambition known to succeed himself as the Registrar of the council, he went on a lobbying spree, trying to woo the council members to buy into his ambition.

“There was no way he could have succeeded in his obnoxious bid to succeed himself.
Firstly, it was a general consensus among the freight forwarding confraternity that Nwakohu failed woefully as the registrar.

"He is incompetent, arrogant and someone not ready to learn,” 

“Also, several allegations of financial sleaze against him have not been cleared.

“Similarly, the council members were not happy at the way Nwakohu handled the purchase of the CRFFN Abuja liaison office which cost they felt was inflated. 

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