NPA Rewards Hardworks, Dedication Of Employees, Retirees

NPA Rewards Hardworks, Dedication Of Employees, Retirees 

  M.D, NPA, Mohammed  Bello-Koko 

By: Bisi Akingbade 

The Managing Director. Nigerian Ports Authority,  NPA, Mr.  Mohammed  Bell- Koko has commended the LPC management  for providing  a platform  to recognised the  performance of employees to boost the morale and efficiency  of  employees in the workforce. 

The Managing Director, who was  ably represented by the Executive Director Marine and Operations, Hon. Onari Brown at  the maiden edition  of Lagos Port Employee Quarterly Merit Award and Retirees Appreciation Day in Lagos, stated that NPA will continued to give attention to the well-being  and welfare  of employees and  retirees to celebrate  hard work  and dedication 

The Port Manager,  Lagos  Port  Complex,  Mr. Charles  Okaga, in his address said that " I am delighted to welcome you to the maiden edition of the Lagos Port Employee Quarterly Merit Award and Retirees Appreciation Day. This occasion holds a special place in our hearts, as it is a celebration of the hard work, dedication, and the indomitable spirit of our workforce.

"Today, we come together to honour and celebrate not just the milestones achieved by our meritorious employees but also to extend our deepest gratitude to our retirees for their many years of service to the Nigerian Ports Authority,  NPA, We recognize that the success and reputation of our organization is built upon the collective efforts of our employees, both past and present.

"The Employee Quarterly Merit Award program was initiated to serve as a beacon of Inspiration within our workforce. It is a testament to our commitment to recognize and reward excellence, Innovation, and dedication. It is a platform for us to acknowledge the outstanding contributions made by our employees in their respective roles. 

"To ensure transparency and promote a performance-based reward system, the award is anchored on Punctuality, Dutifulness, Speed on the job, 
Creativity/Initiative/Innovation and 
Dress code.

"The winner for this quarter (July-September) has distinguished himself in the above-mentioned areas. It is our hope that this recognition will motivate other employees to work harder, thereby enhancing the productivity of the organization.

"Today, we also celebrate a batch of our workers who recently retired from service, having attained the age of 60 years or 35 years of service. These Individuals have dedicated their lives to the service of the Nigerian Ports Authority. 

"We congratulate you on your Impeccable records and honour your wisdom, experience, and the significant contributions you have made to this organization. Your legacy will forever be ingrained In the history of NPA. We wish you a happy and peaceful years of retirement.

"As we move forward, let this event be a reminder of the Importance of recognizing and appreciating the hard work and dedication of our employees. Let it serve as a source of motivation for us all, to work tirelessly and reach new heights of success.

"Once again I welcome you all to this occasion and thank you for honouring our invitation. Together, let us continue to work hand in hand to uphold the values and principles that have made the Nigerian Ports Authority a shining beacon of excellence in our industry.

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