Wale Adeniyi's tenure as Customs CG gives hope to clearing agents -  NAGAFF Chairman 

       Fwdr Onyeka Bernard Udo,

By: Bisi Akingbade 

The tenure of Bashir Adewale Adeniyi as the Acting Comptroller General of Nigeria Customs Service is a beacon of hope for freight forwarders operating in the country, the Chairman, National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders, NAGAFF, Murtala Muhammed International Airport chapter, Fwdr Onyeka Bernard Udo, has said.

Fwdr. Udo stated that CGC Adeniyi is a good man that is well known to freight forwarders.

The NAGAFF chairman stressed that it's very hopeful that operators of  Customs licences will enjoy the CGC's administration.

In his words: "We know the CGC very well. He is a good man. We know we are going to enjoy him. We are very hopeful. His assumption of office has given us hope."

 Commenting on the 43 items that have been allowed to access foreign exchange from the Central Bank of Nigeria, the chairman said that he received the news with excitement.
He hoped that this will rub on positively on clearing business as well as prices of goods in the market.

Fwdr. Udo absolved  both NACHO and SACHOL of blame in increasing charges, saying that high cost of operation, due to high dollar rate and high cost of diesel, was responsible.

He noted that there is an existing cordial relationship between the freight forwarders associations at the airport as they have a way of settling internally any problem that arises.

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