NAGAFF to  Liberate more Young Freight Forwarders in 2023
National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders, NAGAFF,  has promised that more young Freight Forwarders will be liberated in 2023.

NAGAFF President said this  in his Christmas and New Year message sent to his members and  the maritime community.

He felicitate with the Founder of NAGAFF, Dr Boniface Aniebonam, Board and NEC  members and entire members of NAGAFF for the achievements recorded in 2022, especially liberation of young freight forwarders, which according to him NAGAFF as a movement will continue to do in 2023, and said 2023 will be  better than 2022.

"In the maritme Industry we all understand  what the problems are, and NAGAFF as the  umbrella as our Founder used to say , NAGAFF is a Movement and this liberation, trying to liberate young freight forwarders . 

We tried the much we could do this year and by next year, 2023 , we will strive harder making sure young freight forwarders are being liberated . That we promised we do in 2023". 

Speaking further on some government policies and operational  challenges faced by freight forwarders in 2022, he said the restrictions of Forex on 41 items by the Central Bank of Nigeria and the introduction of the Vehicle Identification Number ( VIN) Valuation causes some disruption in the sector in 2022.

" In 2023 we will be happy to usher in a new President for the Country. We hope he has a listening ear . Actually the major problem in 2022 was the 41 items , they are not contraband items, but government said they are not raising Forex, that was the major problem we have in 2022, because these items constitute like 60% of imports. And so people will bring them in calling it different names as a way of survival. And looking at it , Government did not ban the 41 items. So if the new president look into those  41 items, lifting it from Forex ban , it will go a long way to improve the economy in the coming year". 

Esisi while accessing the maritime industry in 2022 said some of the government policies like the VIN Valuation policy and jacking up of Pre -Arrival Assessment Report, PAAR, by the Nigeria Customs Service,  NCS, though was in goodwill , but the administration of the policies causes hardship for freight forwarders and Nigerians and hope the next government in 2023 will address the various policies affecting the sector in the new year.

" I wish all my Members and other stakeholders in the maritme Industry , a PROSPEROUS new year".

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