Government  not ready to entertain any  contravention of the parking law - LASPA

Lagos State Parking Authority, LASPA, has expressed dismay over the illegal parking perpetrated by customers of some night clubs on major roads across the state during the festive season.

General Manager, LASPA, Mrs Adebisi Adelabu,  in Lagos, described the act as an infraction of the State Parking Law.

She said that the authority was ready to go all out against violators of the state’s parking law.

Adelabu said that the authority, while conducting monitoring and compliance exercise across the state’s metropolis during the holiday, observed that a lot of night clubs encourage illegal parking on major roads.

She said that the indiscriminate parking on the major roads by the night clubs’ customers had  been causing heavy gridlock and inconvenience for motorists.

Adelabu noted that such incessant act by night clubs negated government’s continuous efforts towards improving the parking culture, reducing traffic congestion and drive time hour.

‘’Government is not ready to entertain any form of contravention of the parking law in the state.

 “Hence, we will take necessary actions against erring clubs, especially those situated in residential/high density or high traffic flow areas of the state,” 

The General Manager commended some night clubs for their compliance with the authority’s zero tolerance mandate for indiscriminate parking.

She, however, advised the non-complying night clubs to obtain parking permit from the authority and get alternative land for parking.

She said that punitive measures for defaulting outlets, including closing of facilities, clamping/towing of vehicles, among other sanctions, would be taken.

LASPA general manager said that the LASPA would continue to enlighten residents on the effect of indiscriminate parking, underlining its huge effect on traffic congestion across the metropolis.

Adelabu said that LASPA plans to begin full implementation of parking policy in 2023.

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