NIWA: Lagos Manager bags FNSE Fellow at Nigerian Society of Engineers 

The Nigerian Island Waterways Authority, NIWA, Lagos Area Manager, Mrs Sarat Braimah bag FNSE Fellow of Nigerian Society of Engineers

Braimah made this known through  a statement issued in Lagos.

The area manager said that the NSE remained one of the  most important group of professionals,  worthy of great interest. 

She said she was indeed pleasantly surprised by the approval of the council of Nigerian Society of Engineers of his election as Fellow which was the highest level in the Nigerian Society of Engineers.

She noted that it was an honour to be listed among great Engineering personalities,   

"Some who are  great institutions on their own and mentors  to whom we wish to emulate.  

"Engineering used to be all men affair but over time , women have made in roads,  holding their heads above water. 

"In all honesty, our seniors, have indeed encouraged us in lots of ways and I want to believe,  women will redefine the future of  Engineering ecosystem,  breaking ceilings and leaving legacies.. 

"it is on this score,  that I will like to also encourage young female engineers,  mentor them and provide opportunities for them to thrive," she said.

Braimah promised to set up an NGO to hunt for great female minds from tertiary schools, to enable them develop Engineering projects and encourage them to break new grounds.

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