The global average of women participation in governance is 22.5% and the African continent rated 23.5%, while   Nigeria's 6.7% women  participation in governance is  worrisome when compared to the West African sub-regional average of 15%.

At the 2022 Hall of Fame Induction ceremony organized by MMS Woman of Fortune Hall of Fame (MMS WOFHOF) in Lagos participants expressed dissatisfaction with the poor participation of women.

The Guest Speaker of the occasion/Chairperson, Zoe Maritime Resources Limited, Mrs. Oritsematosan Edodo-Emore while delivering a paper on the event's theme"Women Arise in Leadership,SMEs Development and Port Efficiency in a Multi-Port"noted that there are only 7 women out of the 109 senators and 22 of the nation's 360 House of Representatives members are women.

Edodo-Emore highlighted some of the factors limiting the advancement of Nigerian women in politics to include; stigmatization, poor girl-child education, ungodly meeting hours, religion, son of the soil syndrome, among others.

The Chairperson of MMS WOFHOF Board of Trustees, Barr. (Mrs.) Margaret Orakwusi stated that Nigerian women far outweigh men in the ratio of electorates, and encouraged women to use their numbers to support women candidates.

Orakwusi emphasised that women's participation in governance must be improved. 

 She commended MMS WOFHOF Initiative for its commitment to women recognition and empowerment through  the annual Hall of Fame ceremony.

The Managing Director of Tyse Oil and Gas, Mrs. Augustina Igbokwe, said  countries governed by women performed exceptionally in managing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Igbokwe commended  the Lagos Port Manager, Mrs. Olufunmilayo Olotu for the significant improvements at the Apapa Port, Igbokwe admonished her to learn more from the high-level efficiency in Saudia Arabia.

In her words "The Petroleum Industry Act (PIA) is now in place, but what's the role of women in this transformational oil sector legislation? If PIA would be a success and deliver the numerous potentials, there has to be a place for women," 

 the President of Women in Mining (WIMIN), Engr. Janet Adeyemi described the MMS WOFHOF induction/ symposium as a right venue to do an audit of women.

"We have to strengthen this assembly to have a viable group even as we recall that top women today aren't at the zenith because they are more educated or more beautiful, but because someone paid the price. Some women who treaded these parts in the past and paid the price for more women to have the platform we have today. We should be able to give back by creating a more enabling environment for younger women to thrive. We should be able to ascertain how many women are in management positions across critical sectors, study and analyze the gaps in skills," Adeyemi said.

Founder, MMS WOFHOF , Mr. Kingsley Anaroke  while delivering his address of welcome stated that the total number of women inducted takes the total number of Hall of Famers to 60, while 3000 women empowered by MMS WOFHOF initiative.

His words: "Women are change agents and they play a crucial role in shaping morals and ethiquetes. The problems in governance can be traced to eroded values and women can change this narrative. We must ask - what is the place of mentorship? How many women spend time to mentor others in achieving the desired change?"

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