LASWA, AFD creates Wide-lag project to improve water transportation system

The Lagos State Waterways Authority,  LASWA says it is partnering with the French Development Agency, AFD, to engender improved water transportation system in Lagos.

General Manager, LASWA, Mr Oluwadamilola Emmanuel, disclosed this in Lagos when the AFD team visited the LASWA headquarters at Falomo, Lagos.

The visit was to kick-start preparatory study of the AFD Wide-Lag Project which  required expertise for inland water transportation, adding that both organisations were creating the Wide-Lag Project together to improve water transportation in Lagos.

 LASWA boss said that the partnership would encourage the upgrade and use of bigger vessels on the state’s waterways.

He said that the loan to be provided by AFD to execute the project would help  to decongest the road and offer alternatives, thereby improving the quality of life of Lagos residents.

Emmanuel said that the project’s feasibility study would analyse about seven routes to ascertain the required number of ferries and terminals for the whole process.

“AFD has been supporting road transport in Lagos for the last 10 years. They helped in developing the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) infrastructure, which is why the government extended their programme to cover the waterways.

Mr Ismail Lawal, Head of infrastructure, International Economy Relations Department, Federal Ministry of Finance, said that the Federal Government was optimistic about fast-tracking the project to enable Lagos and its residents benefit from it.

“We want to see it worked upon to become a successful project for the state and federal governments.

“There is a special commitment to the project from the Federal Government and that standing alone assures our partner that their money is safe.”

The Project Team Leader, AFD, Mr David Margonsetisrn, said his team came to kick-start the Wide-Lag Project to improve inland waterways transportation in Lagos.

Margonsetisrn said that it would take the AFD till the middle of 2023 to enable them to get the loan approval for the project’s implementation.

“The project will cover the construction of new ferry terminals, jetties, channelisation of new inland waterways transportation routes, new vessels and clean energy.

“It will also include acquisition of powered vessels as well as soft component features to enable LASWA reach critical miles to implement the project.

“The infrastructure components will be about new safety and regulation, as well as control centre that will monitor the operation along the routes on daily basis.

He added that the AFD had approved 1.2 million euros grant for the preparation of the project, which is to be completed in 2027.

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