By: Bisi Akingbade

The Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria , MWUN , under the leadership of Comrade (Prince) Dr. Adewale Adeyanju, fnli, HFCPSP, has commended the Inspector General of Police; the Lagos State Police Command; and the Ports Authority Police Command over the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, nationwide peaceful protest.

The Union observed a well conducted officers and men of the Nigeria Police Force taking proper control of law and order in a protest that was devoid of anarchy and chaos for the very first time in our nation's political history.

The Police Force indeed displayed a high sense of responsibility, discipline, and patriotism in the discharge of its duty across the country during the protest; and in view of this, MWUN wish to commend the IGP for giving the Force a new face.

"The Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria wish to commend the Commissioners of Police, Lagos State Command and Port Command, Apapa, Lagos respectively for a job well done during the protest, both at the ports and within the State at large.

"As a Union, we are proud to say that the Nigeria Police Force has acquired a "New Force" under the watch and command of the IGP as the Numero Uno Cop of Nigeria.

"The Nigeria Police Force under your watch, no doubt, displayed the fairness and friendliness expected of the Police with members of the public that ensured maximum cooperation during the peaceful protest.

"Once again, the Union is proud of today's Nigeria Police Force under your control as the IGP, and we say, Keep the flag flying.

However, the Congress had since suspended the nationwide protest urging the Federal government to expedite action on the "October 2, 2023 Agreement" as endorsed with the Congress to alleviate the hardships and sufferings meted on Nigerian Workers and the entirety of impoverished Nigerians by its ill-timed and ill- implemented policies.

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