Electronic Auction: Winners Take 190 Vehicles in PTML Command
.   Comptroller Saidu Abba Yusuf

By: Bisi Akingbade

Customs Area Controller of PTML Command, Comptroller Saidu Abba Yusuf has reiterated the command's readiness to facilitate easy release of vehicles and containers won by bidders in the ongoing-electronic auction process of overtime cargoes. 

Comptroller Yusuf who described the process of auctioning through the online portal https://auction.nigeriatradehub.gov.ng as very seamless added the system is very robust and under-utilised as it is efficient enough to accommodate more entries online. 

Speaking on the safety of vehicles in PTML, the Customs Area Controller said operators of the terminal place high priority on security and that winner are assured of getting their vehicles the exact way they were imported into the country as there are zero incidences of vandalism and theft in the terminal

Comptroller Yusuf said "PTML Command is prepared and everything has been put in place to serve beneficiaries who bidded and won. Once there is a winner in this auction procedure, our officers are ready and it is a seamless process where there is no delay in line with our working procedure

"Winners are expected to present their document and after paying the required amount, the officers go through to confirm that you are the beneficiary or the winner of that bid, then you will go to the terminal operator and pick up your vehicle.

"Like we have been saying all through the time, PTML is one of the safest places cargo can be kept. From my experiences here, it is not just a terminal, it is a model port and the security is very tight. For you to access the port, you must be verified. It is not just a port where you walk in and walk out. As far as I am concerned. They are very serious in terms of the security situation here. You need to present why you are here and you need to have business with them before you can be allowed in. Most of the cargoes within the port are highly and heavily guarded.

"From my inspection of the port facilities, it is one of the best we can get in the country. Cargoes within the premises are very secure. We've not had cases of vandalism as far as I am concerned. None has been reported. I believe whoever wins the bid will get his vehicle exactly as it came into the country. I don't think we have any bad report in terms of vandalism" the CAC said

According to the press release made available by the Public Relation Officer, PTML Customs Command, CSC Muhammad Yakubu disclosed that the system is open for bidding every Tuesday from 12noon to 6pm to verify persons with tax identification numbers(TIN) generated from the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) amongst other conditions like├žord opening and funding of a dedicated wallet for the auction. 

On the level of transparency of the system, Yusuf said you don't need to know anyone as the people who have come forward are Nigerians from different locations and most of them never knew anyone in the NCS or port environment. 

Some of the winners who reside in different parts of Nigeria were on the ground in Lagos to receive their vehicles at PTML Mile 2 terminal

A few of them who spoke shortly after receiving their vehicles described the process as easy and very transparent. They commended the Comptroller General of Customs, Bashir Adewale Adeniyi, MFR for making it possible for all Nigerians irrespective of class and location to benefit from the auction

Mr Godwin Aguddah, one of the winners who came to PTML from Abuja said the initiative is laudable. He advised other government agencies to take a leaf from customs in the area of transparently using technology to promote trade. He commended the efficiency and integrity of the entire process. 

Mrs Mariam Sowemimo from Lagos expressed delight and commended the speed at which winners were declared. She promised to inform her neighbours about it.

Mr  Aremu Kazeem Olashile from Lagos commended the professionalism and honesty of customs officers in PTML in attending to winners

 Miss Wunmi Oshineye from Lagos said she had taken part in previous auctions in the past and just discovered a remarkable improvement in the new process as it is easy to use. She recommended it for more young Nigerians like herself

Mr  Dahiru Muazu who came all the way from Nasarawa State to take his car was full of excitement. He thanked President Bola Tinubu and the CGC for making the opportunity available to him where he was not limited by distance or any other factor. 

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