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The Acting National  President of Association Nigerian Licensed Customs Agent,  Dr. Kayode Farinto stated that the forceful break int the National  Secretariat of the Association  on Wednesday, while the National executives were on national assignment to the Lekki Deep seaport was carried out by those members who have been  expelled from the Association.

Farinto condemned the attitude of the commissioner of Police Lagos state to the crisis rocking the association, he noted that the commissioner is culpable and need to explain his role in the association crisis.

Kayode Farinto

His words "What you  are seeing in ANLCA is a political shenanigans by cantankerous old men who refused to leave the association after being expelled.  These are expelled members of our former board, they are no more members of ANLCA for now and unfortunately we were on national assignment when we learnt that they have encroached into  the national secretariat and forcefully taking over the secretariat breaking the padlocks and keys. 

"The interesting thing is that we have Police on guard in that place so we want to know the reason, we want to know whether the police are culpable because this is a surprise to me.

"But there is nothing to worry about, the expelled members, they are not members of ANLCA and it is not me that expelled them,  it was NEC, I don't know why a part of the body will say it doesn't belong to the body. It's unfortunate that the West has been like this, but I can assure you that this will be the last war that will root out these people who refuse to leave.

"A man of 75years parading himself as a member of the board, what's he looking for, he has spent 12 years in the board as at the time his tenure expired, but tomorrow we are taking over our secretariat back"

When asked what could be the reason behind the expelled members action, he said  "Their actions may be as a result of so many factors, but instead of them writing a letter of apology to NEC so that NEC can consider their position, they want to come in through the window.

"Even NURTW is more civilised than the way these old men have taken ANLCA, I feel pity, I feel pained within me to see a professional association where hoodlums and  old men  just bring in thugs to take over our secretariat 

"That is why I said the police is culpable,  particularly the commissioner of police for Lagos , he needs to give  alot of explanation as to his role in the crisis of ANLCA.

"We got an approval from the Inspector General of Police, the other time for him to whisk away these  men, he played it to the gallery he never did.

"Only for him to receive a letter from an expelled body that they should be given security, it's very very unfortunate" he said.

National Secretary of the association Babatunde Mukaila stated that the association was not aware of any written letter for the expelled members to use the secretariat not until the NECOM were enroute the Lekki Deep seaport today.

Mukaila said he got the letter sent by the station officer signed by one of the expelled members seeking permission to use the Secretariat for a meeting.

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