APFFLON Calls On FG To Break Monopoly of Webb  Fontaine 
Mr. Frank Ogunojemite, President,  APFFLON 

... queried terms of agreement without compensation 

... Accused  Webb Fontaine  of deliberate Sabotage to Nigerian  Economy 

By: Bisi Akingbade 

The aftermath of the continuous epileptic  services provided  by Webb Fontaine as agency responsible for the provision of Information Technology(IT), Telecom Infrastructure and network management to the Nigeria Customs Service, NCS at the Nigerian  ports since 2006 has made the Africa Association of Professional  Freight Forwarders and Logistics in Nigeria, APFFLON, to call on the Federal government to break  the monopoly of Webb Fontaine due to inefficiency and epileptic services at Nigerian ports. 

The President  of APFFLON, Otunba Frank Ogunojemite at the  MAJAN roundtable in Lagos,  said that the operations of Webb Fontaine as the internet  service provider for Customs  is detrimental to Freight forwarding business and the entire  country.

His words "When issues happened in port people  think its Customs. It is not particularly Customs. This issues are webb Fontaine.  They are the internet Service provider for Customs. It is through this server we can capture our jobs. And when this breakdown  you can Imagine what happen.

"And we have taken this issues to the house of senate and house of representatives.

"And on those reports we queried  two things. What is the term of agreement between Webb Fontaine and Ministry of Finance? How did they come about this contract and there is no provision for compensatory arrangement? When the server is down and have not been able to capture  my job and held up to pay a rent at the detriment of  epileptic from Webb Fontaine? This is totally wrong and uncalled for.

"How do we solve it out at the end of the day, the money  collected by Shipping and terminal operators resulted to capital flight, an injury to our economy can not be quantified.

Ogunojemite made appeals to the  Federal  government  to critically look into the operations of Webb Fontaine and why Webb  Fontaine can not be replaced, even with records of inefficiency at  Nigerian ports 

"So we need to appeal to the Minister of Finance to look critically on these issues. We need to appeal to the President of this country to call them to order.

"And this same webb Fontaine provides service in Dubai  and other countries, they are not giving this kind of services  given to us in Nigeria.

"So, who is behind this? Because I got to understand that Webb Fontaine  belongs to Jerry Guana, who is a Jordan  man and use to be a Director with United  Nation Conference and Trade Development, UNCTAD.

"So we need a clarification from the government what is the term  of the contract with ministry of Finance? Who are the people behind? How come they are not been  responsible when they could not provide their services.  He asked.

"And what is happening  with modernization of Nigeria Customs? Are we still being  at Customs is going to be modernised or are have they been  modernised?

"And if they do, what is their relationship  with  Webb Fontaine.

"You can Imagine they said they want to start cargo tracking not, CTN, and I responded if you follow me in APFFLON very well  you will see my response.  We have  collected  surveys  on Webb Fontaine

APFFLON President also called for immediate provision of more scanners at the port across the country to enhance efficiency, while also calling on the Federal government on total overhauling of government agencies at the ports. 

" It is not about Collaboration but efficiency " He concluded. 

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