General Overseer and Primate of Christ Revelation Church of God , Bishop Ayodeji Ipinmoroti has said God revealed to him that Tinubu would become the next President of the country. 

According to the Nation, Bishop Ipinmoroti made the revelation to commemorate the children's day celebration in Lagos state. 

He said God did not design Nigeria to disintegrate and that his recent encounter with God that showed him former Lagos Governor Bola Tinubu will emerge next President.

Ipinmoroti stated that certain mysteries need to be tackled for Tinubu Presidency to materialise.

He claimed that many of Tinubu's political associates would betray him before the elections but that won't stop him from becoming president. 

Bishop Ipinmoroti said God showed him “Nigeria system will work again but we need to repent from our sinful ways. It requires the prayer of the faithful to put things right.”

He added: “I do not see Nigeria breaking apart. Bola Tinubu is a right peg in the right hole in the 2023 presidential election.

“He is a man of integrity coupled with his administrative experience and political wherewithal to weather the political storm of the nation-State.

“Don’t be deceived, Tinubu is the only candidate at this point of political, social and psychological turmoil that can fix the near broken down of the structure called Nigeria.

“I am a clergyman and a minister of the gospel. God has sent me to Tinubu. When I see him physically, I will explain some mysteries to him.

“I see him being betrayed by his political associates yet he emerged President in 2023.

“If Tinubu is interested in the presidential race, let him the contest. I can assure you he will win the election as God had shown me.

“I believe Tinubu will give to Nigeria as God had told me, the genuine merit to rescue the sinking boat of the nation from capsizing.

“The economy will be stable. Wages and salary crisis will soon end. Ethnic problems, inflations and industrial actions will soon come to an end.

“Every problem has an expiry date. I can see the Nigerian workers jubilating. This will materialise if we do the right job by voting for God’s chosen candidate for the 2023 election. That God chosen candidate is Tinubu.

“I see a major shakeup in the Presidency but God did not direct me to Buhari. If Tinubu is interested, let him the contest. I see him being crowned. But I need to tell it to his face on how to go about it as God had directed me to him.”

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