Ogun State Police arrested three of its mobile officers who reportedly extorted a student of LASU ( Hezekiah Oluwaponmile), a sum of N153,000.

Oluwaponmile had reported the case via Social Media, on Saturday April 24, he said the officers had forced him on gunpoint to transfer N153,000 via a Point on Sale (POS) Operator.
Oluwaponmile said, he met the police officers at Suin, while on his way from Lagos to Abeokuta.

They told me to unlock my phone, I refused, I told them I was jus a student of LASU, but they threatened to kill me if I dont cooperate with them. they brought out a shocker, so I had to obliged.
I opened my phone due to the threats from them, upon goin through my phone, i was asked to pay the sum of N100,000,000 but I told them I dont have up to that amount.

They later asked me to open my bank apps, where they saw a balance of N288,000, they told me they would collect N250,000 out of it even without telling me what I did wrong.

The Cop, attached to PMF16, were identified as Inspector Sunday John with AP/NO. 310332; Sergeant Jimoh Asimiya with F/NO. 447461 and Sergeant Solomon Adedapo with F/NO.498346 SGT.



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