We are pleased to inform all of our worthy members that registration pins can now be purchased online through gateway payment.

This is a significant development for all JML foods participants worldwide.

After so many members demanded that online payment be made available for easy access, it was finally implemented.

Ifejimmy Sambo (Founder/C.e.o JML Limited)
Ifejimmy Sambo (Founder/C.e.o JML Limited)

The company’s CEO (Ifejimmy Sambo) recently stated that the management is eager to resolve the situation. Most especially for those outside Nigeria.

“We haven’t had it easy and Paystack hasn’t made it any easier for us.

Obtaining a large number of documents and repeatedly refusing them. But we thank God, at lease for now, it save our members the stress of sending me debits alart every here and there..At times some will even call me late at night..Saying, C.e.o I just sent a debit alart to your WhatsApp kindly attend to it, Some will even say, C.e.o, Please my down lines are on my neck they want to register. So on and on..
But, thank God we are getting there.Though we have a target given to us by paystack before they can implement dollars options. So we urge our members who intends to use dollar account to be a bit patients with us as we are working swiftly to look at other options for dollars payment options”.

Having a phone conversations with the c.e.o(Ifejimmy Sambo). Naijaonlinenews.com says:

A very big congratulations for all JML foods members.

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