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*What is Inksnation?*

Inksnation is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) set up by IBSmartify Limited as the First Charitable Trust to create and distribute a unique DIGITAL CURRENCY (known as Pinkoin) to promote cash-less economy and (at the same time) eradicate poverty among the users of Pinkoin as a mean of exchange of goods and services and for settlement of debts all over the world.

*Is Inksnation an investment organization?*

Inksnation is not and investment company. As stated earlier Inksnation is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that is established to use the power of blockchain to create a digital money known as Pinkoin that will be used globally as a mean of exchange of goods and services and for settlement of debts just like fiat money (i.e. paper money).

As the creator of Pinkoin, Inksnation is giving its registered members a grant of, at least, N2.5 million and, at least, N120,000 (in Pinkoin) as Universal Child Basic Income on monthly basis for life. This gesture is to eradicate poverty totally among its registered members all over the world.

*Where is InksNation planning to get the money from?*

Inksnation is a global bank and creator of Pinkoin. Inksnation created its own native coin known as Pinkoin by merging the power of cryptocurrency and philanthropy together! Inksnation is the creator of the first ever cryptocurrency (digital money) in Africa called Pinkoin. Once the Pinkoin gains mass adoption as a mean of exchange of goods and services and for settlement of debts, there will be more than enough money to go round. For example, 180 members will give the Pinkoin a value of $1.00
So, 18 million members (I.e. Living Nodes) divided by 180 members will give us 100,000. That means 1 Pinkoin will worth $100,000 (i.e. N40 million). If we divide N40,000,000 by N120,000 you will get 333.33 months. Divide 333.33 by 12 months you will get 27.7 years. So when we have 18 million members, 1 Pinkoin will worth $100,000 and will be able to pay a Bronze member for more than 27 years.

*What will I be doing to earn earn the continuous Universal Child Basic Income (UCBI) of Inksnation?*

Absolutely nothing other than just register, be a Living Node, print out your Pinkard and keep your details save till when you will have access to your fund by November 12th as a second batch registered member and conversion of pinkoin through withdrawal has started since 12th August 2020 for first batch member.

However, if you want to be a Pinkard Agent and participate in Inksnation Referral Program to get others to join inksnation, (or become a Pinkoin exchanger) you will activate your Pinkard and you will be funded with N140,000 (in Pinkoin) to enable you collect cash from incoming members and activate their chosen membership plan. Please note that once you have exhausted the N140,000 given to you, you must remit N20,000 back to Inksnation and keep the remaining N120,000 as your commission. The N120,000 you are allowed to keep will help you to be an exchanger when the usage of the Pinkoin starts.

*Why do I need to pay since they want to eradicate Poverty?*

You are not paying to invest but to show your willingness to adopt Pinkoin as money (or legal tender) for this digital age. contribute a token to show your adoption of the Pinkoin. Besides, It takes money to produce money. The money you pay to Pinkard Agents to join Inksnation is nothing compared to the money that will be given to you for life as a member of Inksnation.

*Will I enjoy membership benefits if I do no refer people to join*?

Definitely YES. This is a poverty eradicating program and not a network marketing program.

Can I upgrade to a higher plan later?

Absolutely you can. In fact, the only approved means to acquire more Pinkoin Reserve is to upgrade to higher membership package. Members may not be trading coins in Inksnation like other digital currency such as Bitcoin, eCoin, Libra, Gram, TBC, etc. But use it among themselves for payment of goods and services and for settlement of debts through peer2peer.

*Can I have more than one account?*

No, you can not.
One account is permitted per member. If you register more than one account and are caught, you will lose your membership and all the accounts you opened (with all the Pinkoin in them) immediately. What you are allowed to do is to register your family members and friends (children and adults) and bring more money into your family.

*How do they want to reach at least 180 million Nigerians to enact the reserve calculated funds?*

The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a step. We have started and through the members who have volunteered to share the good news with others all over the world and serve as Pinkard Agents/Pinkoin Exchanger we shall get there. We are also doing some aggressive marketing at the grassroots as we speak. We are also making good use of social media and print and electronic media. After all, Facebook did not get 2 million active users in one day.

*Is it a must I print my pinkard now?*

Every member is advised to print out his/her Pinkard and keep it safe before the usage of Pinkoin will start.

But DO NOT ACTIVATE the card if you do not want to participate in the humanitarian service as a Pinkard Agent/Pinkoin Exchanger. If you activate the Pinkard now, the card will be credited with N140,000 for you to use in activating members (within ONE MONTH) and return N20,000 back to Inksnation. Activation of Pinkard now is strictly meant for those who are capable of referring people to Inksnation and those who want to work with us as Pinkoin Exchanger.

*How do we withdraw our money when the time comes?*

Inksnation have appointed Pinkoin Exchangers all over the world,Nigeria and its state inclusive.All you have to do is visit the Agent locations and make withdrawals by transferring your Pinkoin to the Exchanger plus 30% of the amount you want to withdraw in CASH. You may also link your bank account with your Inksnation account with the use of Inksnation App for transfer and withdrawal purposes.


Pinkard is a card that stores a digital money called Pinkoin. 1 Pinkoin today is in excess of $1,000. So, to have access to Pinkoin without spending too much money, you have to be a registered member of Inksnation.
Log in to: for further details about INKSNATION and its digital money called PINKOIN.

*Does Inksnation hold meetings with Members?*

Yes we do hold Nationwide meetings online on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays starting from 7:00pm prompt. That is why all members need to join Inksnation official group on telegram and States Chapters WhatsApp group.

*How do I pay to activate the membership of I and my families?*

Discus with the person that shared the opportunity with you to activate your accounts for you a
and others you may later want to involve..