It’s really taking place… Yes, it’s true…
In terms of multi-level marketing, JMLFoods is the best you can get in Nigeria…

According to our sources, the business has been displaying signs of being Nigeria’s best MLM.
And promises being kept from various perspectives,All members have been given their benefits as soon as they have met the requirements.
We’d like to share some exciting news with our followers, directly from the CEO (Ifejimmy Sambo)

NON: Good evening sir, Mr Ifejimmy Sambo..
A: Good Evening my brother,

NON: How was your day?
A: Hellish…Have been on transit since morning, just got home not quit long.

NON: Sorry about that sir…
A: Thank you my brother…

NON:Sir,We’ve learned from our sources that yourour company is planning a tantalizing promo that will begin on May 1st. Could you please tell us what how the promo will run?

A: Well, let me call it tantalizing like you tagged it. The promo starts tomorrow (May 1st) And end May 31st..

NON: Automatically 1 month promo.

A: Correct sir..

NON: So sir, How does it work sir ?

A: We have 2 types of promo that will run for the month of may. So as to enable all members to have that vibe or believe to achieve something for that special month.

NON: Are you saying everyone can win the promo ?

A: Yes and No. Yes because, Every one that qualify for the any of the promo will surely get their reward and No because, No all members will even give it a try. So how can you win any of the promo when you don’t even give it a shot.

NON: The first one sir.
A: As a member, no matter the stage you are, If you can register 100 downlines withing this period then you have win food stuffs worth N10k or Cash equivalent..

NON: That’s amazing. It means if any one can buy  pin for 100 members, then the person qualifies for it?
A : Don’t get me wrong sir..You are not only buying registration pin, you must make sure to register 100 people under your team to win it ..

Ifejimmy Sambo

NON: I copy that sir. So, promo number 2?
A: let me break this down..If you are in stage 0(Feeder Stage) or Stage 1 and you appear in stage 5 withing that period, then you have just won yourself a whopping N500k.

NON: N500!? That’s fantastic… So moving from feeder stage or Stage 1 earn you additional N500k apart from your normal earnings?

A: Yes sir..

NON: Okay..

A: So if you are in Stage 2 presently and you appear in Stage 5 you earn N400k. If you are in Stage 3 now and you appear in stage 5 you get N300k and lastly if you are in Stage 4 presently and appear in 5 you earn N200k…Chikena..

NON: Beautiful! awesome!! And Fantastic. This could drive all your members crazy to really put more effort. How are you so sure If so many people qualifies from Stage 1 and appear in 5 withing that period your company will fulfil the promise?

A: Well, thank God withing little time, 80% of our clients know me very well that I don’t go back on my words. Before bringing our any promo, our accountant must have look into it and see of it works before announcing it.

NON: Thanks for your time sir, but before you hang up, we heard that someone won the promo for last month, how true was that?

A: Very true. The winner is: Dr, Ucharia Oluchi Anyanwu from Sokota. She his our State Rep in Sokoto, an amazing woman, a leader as a matter of fact a lot of people are looking up to her because she already set the pace.

NON: Do you have anyone in mind to win this promo?

A: Hmmm..(Sigh) I can’t tell, because, the last one, I was looking at different person, Dr just over take from no where and like play like play, She won. Though, am seeing someone wining it from Ibadan, there is one strong team there. And Osun team too are very strong and coordinated. But, don’t be surprised if it happens in Kwara State because am seeing one hungry lion there who his mad for success. All in all, let’s wait and see, by end of the month, we shall see how the drama pans out.

NON: Thanks for your time sir..

A: Welcome sir.

The interview ensures between our source and the C.E.O of JML Limited.. (Ifejimmy Sambo)..

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